It’s Really Not Good To Be Back

I really couldn’t be bothered this past week.

I’ve been even less in the mood for work than usual and even the thought of going running hasn’t appealed to me.  My lethargy is the result of returning home from a week abroad.  We spent our holiday in a villa, with our own swimming pool and glorious sunshine with the weather warm but not too hot.  Perfect.

For my wife and me, this was our first overseas jaunt for several years.  We used to go on foreign holidays regularly but hadn’t done so since when MM was a baby.  As you can imagine, four young children aren’t quite as portable as one.

However, when my in-laws suggested a week in the sun, we decided to give it a go.  If nothing else it would be a change from caravans and holiday parks.

With regards to travel, we had no real concerns for the kids – they can just about behave most of the time and we knew we could keep them occupied during the flight.  We boarded the plane armed with two portable DVD players, a Nintendo DS and enough colouring books and pens to last a month.  For the boys, the excitement of their first time on a plane was enough in itself.

The biggest issue was the twins’ egg allergy.  I’ve written previously about this problem and while never far from our thoughts, it was always going to be one of the best challenges we faced when going abroad.

It was also one of the reasons we opted for a villa – as well as the obvious benefits of privacy, extra living space and our own pool, we also had facilities to cook our own meals.  This meant we didn’t have to ask restaurant staff about the ingredients of each meal – and didn’t have to rely on their knowledge and/or honesty.

There was an added bonus in that our place was equipped with a pretty impressive barbecue – I wonder when will be the next time I dine outdoors?

Our other concern was the swimming pool.  Four overexcited little ones running around on wet tiles close to a pool is a recipe for disaster.  At least one adult had to be on ‘lifeguard’ duty at all times, though to their credit, the kids were surprisingly well behaved.  Unfortunately the pool was not guarded or fenced off in any way, though it’s location to the side of the property did help.

Once these challenges were overcome, we never looked back.  Lazy days were spent at the beach or by the pool, with lots of eating and the ‘occasional’ drink thrown in.  In the evening we took the kids to local fairgrounds and then for a game of pool in a local pub where the staff went out of their way to make our four monsters feel at home.

The time of year also helped.  Not only was the temperature less than it’s summer peak, the holiday season was only starting so our resort was relatively quiet.

Of course good times like this never last, and we were given a swift dose of reality as our flight landed back home – big, angry black clouds and heavy showers.  We also realised that within the space of around six hours, the temperatures we were experiencing had dropped by around 20 degrees.

I don’t want to turn into one of those people who spend their life counting the days until their next holiday.  Sometimes, though, it’s hard not to.


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