When Will It Snow No More?

The school and nursery ‘mid-term’ holidays are approaching their halfway point.  When I was at school they were the plain old Easter holidays, but regardless of what they’re called, it’s still two weeks off for the kids.

We normally go away on holiday at this time of year but we haven’t made any arrangements this time around.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, my wife hurt herself in a fall so we weren’t sure how she was going to be.  Thankfully, she has a lot more movement in her shoulder, though she still has to attend physio.  While she is on the mend, there is another factor which made us reluctant to commit to booking to go away.

I cannot remember it snowing during April before.  It has now relented but until very recently out garden still looks like a scene from a Christmas card.

Had we arranged to go abroad then we wouldn’t have had a problem.  However, a trip to the north of Scotland or north-west England wasn’t so appealing given the recent weather.  The last thing we wantt to do is put our kids at risk, making unnecessary journeys on treacherous roads.

So instead of being away, we have been going on days out to some of our favourite local destinations.  Some of these have even been outdoors.

As for trips further afield, that will have to wait until the summer at the earlier – assuming the snow has gone by then.


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