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The End

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting a great deal, or at all, recently.  Everyday life takes up too much of my time and it’s for this reason that I’ve decided that Dad at the Deep End is coming to an end.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing about my kids, parenting and life in general.  I hope anyone (not many) who has stopped by has found my writing in some way interesting or amusing.

I may return in the future to write about parenting in some shape or form in the future.  Until then, thanks for reading and if you are interested in me writing for your site or elsewhere, then please contact me.

Bye for now.


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I’m Still Here

Every month since I started this blog – almost two years ago – I’ve promised myself that I will post regularly and not leave long gaps from one piece to another.

September was a prime example.  Two posts at the start of the month and I thought that finally, I would start reaching 4-5 posts per month on a regular basis.

Of course, that hasn’t happened.  For various reasons, some of which I will talk about in future posts, I haven’t put anything new on the blog for about a month.

I have written some other stuff which just needs to be proof-read and will then be published.  No doubt I will then tell myself again these will be the start of more regular articles and that I will be far more prolific in the months ahead.

Let’s just wait and see.

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