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It’s Snore Joke

I’ve had a bit of a sore throat over the last few days, possibly a touch of tonsillitis.  It hasn’t been bad but that, combined with a sniffly nose has led to me snoring in bed.  It’s not something I normally have a problem with but hey, these things happen.

Unfortunately, my darling wife wasn’t entirely understanding about the situation.  This in itself is rich considering that she snores on a fairly regular basis.  On one memorable evening I could actually hear her when I was downstairs watching TV, while she was upstairs in our bed (obviously).

Anyway, it was bad enough when she woke me at around 1am – she informed me that I was stopping her from sleeping and that she was considering going downstairs.  However, she then decided to pass the time by recording the noise I was creating on her mobile phone.  She then took great delight in playing the recording to the kids….repeatedly.  They of course found this to be hilarious and did their best impressions of their dad snoring.

Hopefully I will breathe and rest easy tonight – but if I don’t, I’m sure someone will let me know.



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